About Me

Welcome to Moonlit Readings!

My name is Gabriela Mihai and I am an aspiring genre fiction writer.

I am currently studying a Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing at the University of Melbourne.

All throughout my university education I have been drawn to genre writing. Genre writing for me really meant Dark Fiction, one of those vague terms that could encompass anything from Sci-fi Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Dark Fantasy Fiction or Weird Fiction. Nevertheless Dark Fiction had that thematic element of embracing an outsider perspective that really spoke to my own writing practice. Dark Fiction accepts that the world isn’t a perfect place, it plays with the uncanny, the disturbing, the fantastical, the beautiful and dares to explore the deepest recesses of human imagination.

To learn more about what I’m studying and what I’ve already written, please take a look at my résumé and portfolio.