Why Serious Writers should Avoid Wattpad


The curse of Wattpad had plagued many aspiring Dark Fiction writers and readers.

The Wattpad app can be described as the ugly cousin of Fanfiction.net with predominantly mobile based access. It has happily provided the creative writing community with a free platform to publish works since 2006.

Despite its selection of awesome genres like sci-fi, fantasy and YA it has on offer, Wattpad is a tangle you don’t want to get caught in. Here’s why.

The exposure isn’t worth it.

You’re obviously not paid for your work. Writing is hard. It’s a shame to give your creations away so freely without any pay. People say the best thing about platforms like this is that it gives them the power to publish whatever-the-hell they want and get experience doing it.

The way I see it, it’s like getting an unpaid internship at a company nobody knows about and then slaving away there, knowing your efforts won’t be rewarded.

You won’t be able to publish the story you put up anywhere else.

Publishers generally want writer’s works that are exclusive to them. Unless you are willing to heavily rework your stories, publishers don’t want sloppy seconds.

You’re better off sending stories to established online magazines or websites that specialise in the genre you’re interested in. This way, you are forced to ‘up’ the quality of your work as well as get paid for your efforts.

You’re bound to make some embarrassing writing decisions.

Whether it’s the odd grammatical mistake, faulty plotline, character inconsistency, you can be sure they will stay on Wattpad for the occasional passerby to cringe at and quickly skip your story.

You will become a book-serialising monster.

The platform itself encourages ending paragraphs, chapters, or entire books on cliff-hangers in order to keep readers interested, often to the detriment of your style and intentions.

Wattpad writers don’t take the platform seriously.

What is most concerning is that writers on Wattpad have actually written books ridiculing the platform they themselves use, as evident by the wonderful titles: Why I Would Like To Slap Some Of The Writers On Wattpad by cigarettelungs and Your Stories are Bad and You Should Feel Bad by Edgar A. Malboeuf.

Wattpad does have its benefits, its huge community of readers provide writers with real-time feedback and ratings. If an author’s popularity is high, there is also a chance of getting offers from production companies. Sometimes.


Image credit:  ‘nice & caring people’ by Mariusz Szczepanik via Flikr. 2.0 C.C





One thought on “Why Serious Writers should Avoid Wattpad

  1. This was an interesting post to read and believe me, I agree with you. I used to write on Wattpad, and that website is the worst website for the written word I’ve ever seen. This may surprise you, but Wattpad writers are getting paid now, but only the popular ones.

    The popular writers who are getting paid brag about their status and some of the writers getting money can’t even write decent sentence structure. A writer, who writes fanfiction, and said her work isn’t professional enough, bragged about getting paid by the site. Basically, the site is trying to become like the YouTube of writing. I feel it’s a sad day for the writing community. I don’t disagree that writers should get paid for their hard work, but at it should be based on more than just popularity.


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