Is Snapchat Compatible with Dark Fiction?

Lovers of suspense and horror have harnessed the brevity and immediacy of Snapchat to create unsettling short films, opening up new avenues for storytelling.


The brains of our generation seem to be hardwired with short attention spans, causing us to engage with minimal content for a maximum impact.

It is no wonder then that Snapchat, since its conception, has become popular. Its platform is perfect for recording fragments of our lives, our ‘ 10 second stories’ to send to our friends.

Hooked on its casual yet modern distribution method, many companies, authors, and celebrities have used it to further their marketing campaigns. (It appears that Buzzfeed is spreading its tentacles in the app)

However,  some users have taken advantage of the app’s assumed authenticity regarding such casual interaction and used the ephemeral storytelling of the medium to shock and encourage viewer response and interaction.

Hannah Macpherson’s  Sickhouse gives us a glimpse of what  movie trailers would look like if they were promoted entirely with Snapchat.

Alex J. Mann’s 3 Seconds plays on the potentially disturbing aspect of Snapchat’s filters and captions as well as the intimate closeness of the platform to everyday life.

Snapchat’s platform seems ripe for meeting commercial marketing and promotional needs.


Image attribution: ‘A portrait without eyes’ by Patrik Nygren via Flikr 2.0, C.C



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