Could Creepypasta Influence the Future of Dark Fiction?

As a Dark Fiction writer browsing the internet for inspiration, I eventually came across the term ‘creepypasta.’ It refers to horror stories that get ‘copied’ and ‘pasted’ around the internet.

Apparently there is a whole community of people drawn to gore and horror that enjoy spreading creeptastic stories around on blogs and forums.

The search term peaked in 2010 and has since remained popular, spreading around the internet like a disease. It seems to be on the rise this October according to Google Trends:

In a podcast dubbed ‘Hagtalk’, some friends and I discuss the prevalence of creepypastas on Social Media. We discuss the advantages of memes and creepypasta’s liberal use of them.

We also explore creepypasta stories and memes potential for expansion and what this could mean for Dark Fiction writers.

To learn more about what creepypastas are all about, visit or CreepsMcPasta on YouTube.

Podcast Image  ‘The Erlking’ from my personal photography collection.

Podcast voice narrator British English female voice Emma by From Text to Speech

Podcast background music Never Dying and A Dragon’s Lullabye by Scott Buckley, C.C 4.0. (The volume of the music has been adjusted using Audacity).